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After working too many government contract positions and tired of being laid-off all the time, Marcia Riemenschneider, decided to start off on a new foot, down a different road, and work for someone that would no longer lay her off. She went into business for herself, and after 2 years and alot of time invested, she has seen the fruits of labor. She enjoys working on a schedule that is her own, enjoys the people that work with her, and enjoys all her clients.

Growing up in Ohio and moving to the Metro area 6 years ago was "the best move I could have made." She is currently woking on becomimg MCSA ceritified and enjoys the business she has put so much effort into.

"Pay as you claim" motto was her own and she stands by her word, anyone not satisfied with the performance of the company is entitled to refund and assistance finding another filer if needed.


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