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Here you will find some idea of how we price our services

If after viewing this page, you still have questions, please feel free to E-Mail us, and we will get back to you with specific pricing for your needs.


Initial set-up fees-

These apply to solo as well as multiple practice offices, depending upon how many separate doctors are involved will specify set-up fees. They start at per physician, anything over 5 physicians have the discounted rates. If you need more information please e-mail.

Pay as you Claim Pricing-

$1-3,000 in total claims- 18% of total claims

3,001-8,000 in total claims- 15% of total claims

8,001-15,000 in total claims-12% of total claims

15,000 and up- 10% of total claims

These are based on normal, part b claims. Anything with special attention or special requests will be charged as acceptable to all parties.

**No claims are to be filed without payment of either set-up fees or payment of previous bills. Per agreement between Metro Medicare and client, all money due is to be paid timely. There is a 12.5% interest charge on all past due accounts. Any accounts not paid after 90 days will be frozen until payment is made.Any accounts past due in excess of 180 days will be turned over for collection and legal fees may apply.